Nvidia GPU driver installation

Nvidia GPU driver installation  1.download the latest GPU driver in the nvidia website,here my OS is linux redhat7. https://www.nvidia.cn/Download/index.aspx?lang=com https://us.download.nvidia.cn/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/440.36/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-440.36.run 2.check if the nouveau dirver is installed in the OS. The nouveau driver is the third party driver ,we need to disable itself before the installation of nvidia gpu driver .add the parameter ‘blacklist nouveau’ … Continue reading “Nvidia GPU driver installation”

Ubuntu MAAS ERROR:network Node has no address family in common with the server

when deploy a node with the OS, an error occured. The people said  it’s a software issue. Actually it is the fact. Error:Node failed to be deployed, because of the following error: {“network”: [“Node has no address family in common with the server”]} Ok I figured this out. Under Subnets tab, click the fabri1 tab ,if  enable DHCP function ,it will reserved the ip .It may make some conflict after running a long time,and report an error. I deleted the reserved range – that was automatically assigned by MAAS. I don’t really need it anyway. I then had to go into the Machines tab for the node I was having problems deploying. Then I clicked on the Interfaces tab. Then edit the interface that was connected by clicking the three lines under the actions tab at the end of the interface tabs and choose edit interface. Make sure the Subnet is assigned to the subnet you are deploying on. Make sure the IP mode is set to auto assign.

Ubuntu hardware certification procedure

Ubuntu hardware certification procedures 1.build a partnership between ubuntu and its own company,get the right to certify the hareware system.https://certification.canonical.com/ 2.create one hareware system certification project,obtain the secure ID for the specific system 3.build the test enviroment ,include ubuntu MAAS server and the SUT. 4.detect the SUT configuration and deploy an OS via MAAS PXE, … Continue reading “Ubuntu hardware certification procedure”

BCLinux OS  hardware certification procedure

BCLinux OS is belongs to the china mobile commany,  the product ceritication can help the vendors to obtain the bussinees of china mobile commany. BCLinux OS  hardware certification procedure: 1.built the partnership with the china mobile commany, the certification bussiness is owned by中国移动苏州研发中心. 2.download the OS image and install it on your SUT http://mirrors.bclinux.org/bclinux/ 3.download … Continue reading “BCLinux OS  hardware certification procedure”