Keyboard Wedge

The Keyboard Wedge Interface Reference link:  The keyboard wedge interface is the best way to incorporate barcode technology with data management systems that are already in place. These systems are usually designed to receive input data from a keyboard. As the amount of data increases, new methods of entering the data are sought. Barcoding is … Continue reading “Keyboard Wedge”


Reference websit: As computer architecture advanced, it became more difficult to compare the performance of various computer systems simply by looking at their specifications. Therefore, tests were developed that allowed comparison of different architectures.Benchmarks are designed to mimic a particular type of workload on a component or system. In computing, a benchmark is the act of running a computer program, … Continue reading “Bechmark”

Setup Win10 mobile hot spot

Windows 10 OS has embedded a Mobile Hotspot feature ,which can be use  the local PC as a wifi hot spot via the wireless card(if support). 1 .PC settings–>Network&Internet–>Mobile Hotspot–>Turn on 2.Change the network adapter setting follow the path:  Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections a.rename the wired Enternet adapter to be ‘L10′(or others what you … Continue reading “Setup Win10 mobile hot spot”

The expectation of 2018

There were so many things occurred in the year 2017,I event don’t want to review these.However,it is not my style for missing the past experience,I expect something different in 2018. The first thing that need to be considerated  is knowledgeable of SIT basis. CPU material is studying during the festival,but the DIMM,PCI-e,USB,chipset,ACPI table,server,and so on … Continue reading “The expectation of 2018”