Mellanox NIC driver :Current operation system is not supported

There’s a Mellanox CX4-Lx NIC in my computer and need to update its drivers for the best performance.However my computer’s operation system is Neolylin7.6 , it’s not supported by  Mellanox so we cannot access the suitable NIC driver for this OS.I used the command ‘unname -r’ to check the OS kernel version and  it’s same … Continue reading “Mellanox NIC driver :Current operation system is not supported”

Split the 40GE ports for Huawei switch

Procedure: Run system-view The system view is displayed. Run port split dimension interface { interface-type interface-number1 [ to interface-type interface-number2 ] } &<1-18> [ split-type split-type ] Interface split is configured. Run commit The configuration is committed. Run quit Return to the user view. Run save The current configuration is saved. Run reset slot slot-id … Continue reading “Split the 40GE ports for Huawei switch”

Disable x722 LOM on HW V5 server

Due to the test requirement,I have to disable the LOM x722 on the CH242 V5 server.I read the reference on the support website of HUAWEI, and got nothing. It says the LOM option can be modify in the PCH tab, but actually this server bios does not have these options for LOM. And then … Continue reading “Disable x722 LOM on HW V5 server”

Set up Widnows PXE server

Step reference: 1.Install Windows server 2016 OS 2.Install Active Directory service 3.Install DHCP service 4.Install Windows Deploy Service & proxyDHCP 5.Add the resoure install.wim & boot.wim to the WDS 6.Reboot the server 7.Attempt to boot from PXE in the client PC. Material reference: Install Active Directory service Install DHCP service & proxyDHCP Install … Continue reading “Set up Widnows PXE server”