[Redhat7.4] Check CPU speed

1.Read the cpu info to check the intel Hyperthread function :                                                  lscpu 2.To check the intel EIST function:     Step1:knownledge of the power modes System run mode Descrise performance run at the max frequency powersave run at the min frequency userspace run at the fixed frequency that user wanted … Continue reading “[Redhat7.4] Check CPU speed”

[CPU]What is the different between Turbo Boost and Burst?

Turbo Boost is a feature of some high-end Intel processors that allows the processor to run at a higher clock speed than advertised as long as the processor is below its TDP limits . Burst, however, is a feature of their somewhat low-end Intel processors (low-cost Pentiums, Celerons, those in the Atom series) that also … Continue reading “[CPU]What is the different between Turbo Boost and Burst?”