RedFish API usage

What is the Redfish API? Redfish is a management standard using a data model representation inside of a hypermedia RESTful interface. The model is expressed in terms of standard, machine-readable Schema, with the payload of the messages being expressed in JSON. The protocol itself leverages OData v4. Since it is a hypermedia API, it is … Continue reading “RedFish API usage”

How does BMC command work?

BMC common tool include cmdtool and ipmitool. Both of them can give an requirement to BMC with suitable command,but the command parameter is difference.Now i will record its way via the ”Get Device  ID” command Under UEFI Shell enviroment: cmdtool.efi 20 18 01 Under Windows OS CMD windows; ipmitool.exe  -H <SUT_BMC_IP> -I lanplus  -U <BMC_USER>-P … Continue reading “How does BMC command work?”

BMC FRB learning

How Fault Resilient Booting (FRB) Works on Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems Refer to  Symptom(s): What is FRB? How do I know if it is working? Fault resilient booting on Intel® servers. Solution:Fault resilient booting The BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) implements FRB levels 1, 2, and 3. If the default bootstrap processor … Continue reading “BMC FRB learning”

Reference material:Baseboard Management Controller    ASUS RS520-E8-RS8 – AST2400 and NICs A question we get asked a lot at STH is “what is a baseboard management controller” or “what is a BMC?” In this article, we are going to answer some of those questions for you. We are going to show you what a BMC looks like. We are … Continue reading “Reference material:Baseboard Management Controller”

Dell BMC Coldboot

Because no RTC setting in BIOS, need use IPMI command to run Dell R210II server coal boot stress: testscript.bat: cd C:\ipmitool :start ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U root -P root power on ping -n 60>nul goto start