Program Intel Enternet Adapter MAC address

For the I210 or I211 network adapter: 2.14 What file should I use to program the I210 or I211? The image files are available on the Intel Business Link in document 513655. When programming the flash memory on an I210, you should always use the binary (.bin) file. When programming the iNVM on an I210 … Continue reading “Program Intel Enternet Adapter MAC address”

[BIOS]What is CSM ?Compatibility Support Mode

  CSM: Compatibility Support Mode   The CSM provides additional functionality to UEFI. This additional functionality permits the loading of a traditional OS or the use of a traditional OpROM.  The CSM operates in two distinct environments: 1.Booting a traditional or non-EFI-aware OS.  The first operation, booting a traditional or non-EFI-aware OS, is the traditional environment. It … Continue reading “[BIOS]What is CSM ?Compatibility Support Mode”