Reference link: ACPI SRAT Table Common Options : Enabled, Disabled Quick Review The ACPI Static Resource Affinity Table (SRAT) stores topology information for all the processors and memory, describing the physical locations of the processors and memory in the system. It also describes what memory is hot-pluggable, and what is not. The operating system scans the ACPI … Continue reading “ACPI SRAT Table”

[Test tool] ACPIScope

Click to Download ACPIScope is the advanced tool for visualization and debugging of ACPI information from different sources. ACPIScope provides an access to all three sources of ACPI information on Windows computer: OSPM driver BIOS ACPI tables ACPI tables cached in Windows registry Main features: Fully compatible with latest ACPI standard specification. Reads and displays … Continue reading “[Test tool] ACPIScope”

ACPI Tool/Command

Test tool/command for ACPI Under Windows OS: Start cmd tool with administractor right,run “powercfg a”command to check the supported power states. Passmark Rebooter Link: Passmark Sleeper Link:  Under Linux OS: Standby S1:    rtcwake  –m standby -t 10 Standby S3:                                  … Continue reading “ACPI Tool/Command”