RedFish API usage

What is the Redfish API?

Redfish is a management standard using a data model representation inside of a hypermedia RESTful interface. The model is
expressed in terms of standard, machine-readable Schema, with the payload of the messages being expressed in JSON. The protocol
itself leverages OData v4. Since it is a hypermedia API, it is capable of representing a variety of implementations via a consistent
interface. It has mechanisms for managing data center resources, handling events, long lived tasks and discovery as well.

How to use it?

1.Install latest version of POSTMAN into the PC  which connected with your server. The website of this software is ,you can learn about the GET/POST test method from its documents .

2.When the installation completed, do the following:File>>Settings. Click the radio button next to SSL certificate verification and turn it off.

If turn on the SSL certificate verification ,the GET/POST commands will be forbiddern to access the server via redfish api. It can work after adding the SSL certificate for the user additionally under the BMC interface.

3.Add Basic Auth with the username and password for the SUT BMC and click Preview Request button.

4.Open a new tab in Postman. Preform a GET on the IP of the SUT BMC: Enter the following into the URL box h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​B​M​C​I​P​/​r​e​d​f​i​s​h​/​v​1​/​ then hit send.If the command is executed normally, the status will responed the expected string”200 ok” and display the specific data getting from BMC.