Ubuntu hardware certification procedure

Ubuntu hardware certification procedures

1.build a partnership between ubuntu and its own company,get the right to certify the hareware system.https://certification.canonical.com/

2.create one hareware system certification project,obtain the secure ID for the specific system

3.build the test enviroment ,include ubuntu MAAS server and the SUT.

4.detect the SUT configuration and deploy an OS via MAAS PXE, GA kernnel for ubuntu18.04 ,HWE kernnel for ubuntu 16.04

5.configure the SUT ,including network,usb,kvm images

ubunut18.04 kvm images:





ubuntu16.04 kvm images:




6.make sure precheck test pass.(Network_subnets precheck failure does not impacted the final result)

7.execute the command “certify-16.04” or “certify 18.04”,and let it running for one night

8.check the test result,some failure can be ignored. If  you don’t known how to confirm ,you can try to submit the test log,  ubuntu certificate team will help you.

9.online submit the log with the secrue ID, and then login the websit for the next submit operation.You must remark your test propose until it’s the first certification for the procuct.

10.All of test detail can be checked in the below documents.