BCLinux OS  hardware certification procedure

BCLinux OS is belongs to the china mobile commany,  the product ceritication can help the vendors to obtain the bussinees of china mobile commany.

BCLinux OS  hardware certification procedure:

1.built the partnership with the china mobile commany, the certification bussiness is owned by中国移动苏州研发中心.

2.download the OS image and install it on your SUT http://mirrors.bclinux.org/bclinux/

3.download the test tool ,and copy it into the OS


4.use the command ‘sys-id’ to obtain the maceine number, send it to the BCLinux department via email.waiting for the return licsence .

5.copy the licsence content into the OS licsene file

6.make sure that the yum repolist is ok.

7.install the test tool via install.sh (auto-test.tar.gz)

8.install the phorne test suite

9./usr/bin/autotest cpu memory disk network app datasore all

10.all test passed and send the log to BCLinux department via email

11.obtain the certificate.