How to access the VMware certification program

VMware company has a large number of software solution ,and it’s one of the most popular company on the private cloud market around the world. Each computer OEM/ODM/JDM cannot by-pass the VMware software,such as VMware vSphere,ESXI OS.We can read a part of them from the below capture.

We need to combine these software solutions with our hardware product, and try to certify that the system is stable.

The first step is to obtain these software. VMware officially defines many programs for the partner, and we must join in it before we can access its resource.

Let’s see the website of VMware code. In the certification page, there are some different certification programs. The lock means no right to access this resource, but VMware also guide how to gate certification under the left side .

Gated Certifications

Some SDKs and Certification Kits are made available only through certain offerings and programs.

We need to join a TAP program, but the foundation is company has joined in the VMware Partner Network Plan. 

The VMware Partner Network Plan is free, When click the “Join at the Enrolled tier”tab,the detail of your commany will be requested for register the plan. If you do it well after the VMware review, you can apply for the TAP certification programs. Most of our programs require an active membership in VMware’s Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program , it may need to cost some money to maintain the relationship. Finally the lock will be disappeared and the related certification resource can be accessed.