RHEL Hardware certification process summary

RHEL Hardware certification covers the testing of servers, desktops/workstations, laptops, and individual components to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenStack Platform Compute, Red Hat GlusterStorage, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time.

Preliminary Steps
1. The partner establishes a certification relationship with Red Hat.
2. The partner stands up a test environment consisting of the partner’s product and the Red Hat product combination to be certified.
3. The partner does preliminary testing to ensure this combination works well.
4. The partner installs the redhat-certification tool.

Certification Steps:
1. The partner creates a certification request for a specific system or hardware component using redhat-certification.

2. Red Hat’s certification team applies the certification policies to the hardware specifications to create the official test plan. The RHEL 8 test plan consists of tests and features that will be published based on the identified components and their specifications submitted to Red Hat.

3. The partner runs the tests specified in the official test plan and submits results using redhat-certification to Red Hat for analysis.

4. The certification team analyzes the test results and marking credit as appropriate andcommunicating any required retesting.

5. The partner provides Red Hat with a representative hardware sample that covers the items that are being certified.

6. When all tests have passing results, the certification is complete and the entry is made visible to the public on the external Red Hat Hardware Certification website at