Mellanox NIC driver :Current operation system is not supported

There’s a Mellanox CX4-Lx NIC in my computer and need to update its drivers for the best performance.However my computer’s operation system is Neolylin7.6 , it’s not supported by  Mellanox so we cannot access the suitable NIC driver for this OS.I used the command ‘unname -r’ to check the OS kernel version and  it’s same as RHEL7.6, it seems to canbe use the related driver for RHEL7.6.

I accessed the website of Mellanox and obtained the latest NIC driver for RHEL7.6. The installation failure occured in fact ,and it said ‘Current operation system is not supported’

I tried too many times to get solution and finally did it.This driver is for RHEL7.6 OS so that we have to add this OS version into the installation command.And forces to install it into my current OS.