Disable x722 LOM on HW V5 server

Due to the test requirement,I have to disable the LOM x722 on the CH242 V5 server.I read the reference on the support website of HUAWEI, and got nothing. https://support.huawei.com/enterprise/zh/knowledge/EKB1100005700

It says the LOM option can be modify in the PCH tab, but actually this server bios does not have these options for LOM.

And then I have disabled all of the PCIE root ports under the PCH configuration page,  reboot the system but it was useless.

Refers to the spec of server


Finally I found an useful infomation which is the LOM x722 connect with CPU 1. Move to BIOS >>Advanced>>Socket Configuration>>IIO Configuration>>CPU1 Configuration>>SocketPCIeBrxxx Port 1C .For another v5 server ,the LOM may be  SocketPCIeBrxxx Port 2C or 3C.