How to patch Linux OS

When we do a test under Linux OS, some Linux patches need to be installed.Redhat and SUSE OS  have the  RPM patches.

One RPM package installation depends on other RPM package, it means the package dependency.YUM/Zypper is  good tool to solve this problem, but YUM/Zypper need to reach the specify resource or the resource link.Sometime we use the OS image as a YUM/Zypper  resource .Sometime we use the RED-HAT/SUSE official resource link , but we need to register system with a active Redhat/SUSE account  .

As before we have configured the local YUM. 

Now we register an account for update some patches, so that we can use the official resource to fix the package dependence.

a. Red-hat OS patches

The 1st step is  to register your account in

The 2nd step is  to download the patches


RPM package name rules :

The 3rd step is to register your OS with your redhat account, so that you can use redhat official resource when install patches.

Redhat install/udpate patches command:

yum install kernel-3.10.0-862.6.3.el7.x86_64.rpm


b. SUSE OS patches 

The 1st step is to register an account in ,and then click [ SUSE Custom center ] to get the register code that recording your identification. It will be needed in the OS registration.


The 2nd step is to download the patches , please follow the below captures:

The 3rd step is register OS with you register email and register account , both of them you can get from the 1st step.When the registration is completed, you can use the SUSE official resource if you install update or other patches.

SUSE install/update patches command:

zypper in kernel-default-3.0.101-108.48.1.x86_64.rpm