COM port test

For the serial port test, as a normal user, we are usually use it to send and receive the data.Therefore ,we can cover the test  from this perspective.

1.Verify the serial port can be send and receive the data normally by itself. The serial loopback device and BurnIn software are needed.They can be got on the PassMark website.

The serial port have ‘RX”TX’ pin,so it can send the random data and receive it.All of the operation will be done by itself. Loopback device just for the connection of the ‘RX’ and ‘TX’ pin.

2.Verify the serial port can be send and receive the data normally between SUT and other system .Both of them have the serial port.We cover this apply environment by the Peer to Peer test.

At this moment, we have some tool that can use for test,Putty.exe,Comm Operator software,Docklight .

As for me ,I usually use the putty tool to confirm whether the connection can work normally or not.The putty tool need to be operated by manual, just mean we need to send the character by typing the keyboard.

And then,I choose the Docklight to run the peer to peer stress because of the  automation.What’s more , it will stop if an transfer error occurred.It’s more convenient.

Step1: Download the tool from docklight webstie and install it on the Host side and SUT side. But the does not have the Host Profile and SUT Profile, we need to create it by ourself,but I will provide these files for download. Host Profile.ptp & SUT Profile.ptp(Password:3ge3)

Step2: Open the HOST profile.ptp via Docklight,and click OK to enter the main menu. Double click the COM2 tab at the main menu windows and change the COM port setting refers to the test requirement .save and return the main menu the Pong button to send the data to SUT,waiting for the SUT ‘s respond.If SUT respond is arrived, stress will be run between the HOST and SUT.

Step3:Run SUT profile at the SUT side,other setting are same as the HOST side.