Prime95 : error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file

When run the prime95 test under redhat 6.5 OS,a problem occured:

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file.

Re-check the tool folder, prime95 own the package itself ,so its problem is system cannot add the package into the shared libraliy automaticllly.What we should do is add its path into the search path.

According to some material from the web,we need to do the below steps:

1.find the folder that include the package

find / -name


2.check the shared libraliy

cat /etc/


3.add the path of into the file

vi /etc/




4. compile the path again

sudo ldconfig -v

5.Run the prime95 in the terminal

./mprime -m


Boot into F2 setup, Processor Settings page and make sure:
Number of cores per processor is set to All.
Logical Processor (Hyperthreading) is Enabled if supported.

Save changes if made and exit.

Boot into the OS and verify that it reports the correct number of logical processors.

On Linux, you can use System Monitor. Applications > System Tools > System Monitor on RHEL. SLES has it as well in a similar location. ,
Leave System Monitor open (so that activity of all logical CPUs can be seen).

Launch Prime95:

Launch a new terminal window & cd to the folder containing the mprime files.
run ./mprime -m
select the Torture Test option (15)
the number of torture threads defaults to # of logical cpus (leave it at this #)
For Type of Torture Test to run, select 3 (Blend).
Enter Y to start.,
Allow the stress test to run overnight.
To stop the test, use Ctrl+C in the terminal window.

Check the system for errors