Intel CPU overview

 Intel CPU  
Early stage 4004 microprocessor,4 bits,0.5MHz~0.75MHz.(Not apply to the PC)
8008 microprocessor,8 bits,0.5MHz~0.75MHz(Not apply to the PC)
  8086,8088,80286 microprocessor,16 bits,4.77Hz~20Hz    X86 CPU started from 8086; and 8088 was first applied to the IBM PC  ,it was a key point of the intel CPU 
  80386,80486 micoprocessor,32 bits, 16MHz~50MHz
 Pentium Pentium ,64bits,60MHz~233MHz                                             —->80586 was changed its name to be’Pentium’
Pentium II, 64bits, 233MHz~450MHz
  Pentium III,64bits, 450MHz~1GHz
  Pentium4,64bits,                                                                   (180 nm : 1GHz~2.8GHz ; 90 nm : 2.8GHz~3.4GHz)