The expectation of 2018

There were so many things occurred in the year 2017,I event don’t want to review these.However,it is not my style for missing the past experience,I expect something different in 2018.

The first thing that need to be considerated  is knowledgeable of SIT basis. CPU material is studying during the festival,but the DIMM,PCI-e,USB,chipset,ACPI table,server,and so on are waiting for learning.Therefore,I will try to change my job and company until my basis knowledge is good.I prefer to find a job about the server test,because I think the server machine is much interesting  than the desktop product  .

The second thing is learning English.For the job requirement ,I must develop my English level in both of speak skill and write skill.

The third thing is learning PS CS 6 software,because the requirement of TaoBao shop.My TaoBao account has been created a shop for selling the products ,but it also need much effort on the operation management.It’s necessarily to build a BP reference.The expected product now is GuangDong LiangCha and XObyebye product.

Celery said :’自己超越自己是一件困难的事,不想以后,只是当下尽力而为吧。大雾在死亡时终会散去,只是河流还是昼夜不息。’No much words, I will try my best.

February 19th 2018

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