[Test tool] ACPIScope


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ACPIScope is the advanced tool for visualization and debugging of ACPI information from different sources.

ACPIScope provides an access to all three sources of ACPI information on Windows computer:

  • OSPM driver
  • BIOS ACPI tables
  • ACPI tables cached in Windows registry

Main features:

  1. Fully compatible with latest ACPI standard specification.
  2. Reads and displays in a human-readable form ACPI data from BIOS, registry, OSPM ACPI driver and compiled ACPI files.
  3. Executes and shows output of all standard ACPI methods for all ACPI devices.
  4. Allows to execute any ACPI method manually.
  5. Shows summary resource maps reported by ACPI (Memory, I/O, Irq, DMA).
  6. Shows PCI IRQ routing tables.
  7. Shows all methods available for each device.
  8. Shows human-readable device names.
  9. Allows saving ACPI information in a file as a single AML file or as a full table set for later analysis.
  10. Shows objects which ACPI driver creates according to ACPI specification (_OS, _GL, etc).
  11. Allows to change the state of your device, for example disable or reconfigure the device, in order to easy check and debug your device driver.
  12. Checks ACPI information for specification compliance, outline errors and inconsistencies.
  13. In contrast to existing AML dumpers ACPIScope not only interprets AML code, but also displays the list of cross-references and code statistics.
  14. Associates ACPI information with Plug-n-Play devices.
  15. Allows to compare ACPI information from different sources.
  16. Supports all Windows OS

… and much more