[SIT]How to clarify a problem ?

At each stage of SIT, we will meet many test problems,sometime the problem seems not to be the system issue, just relates to the 3rd device or relate to the OS known issue.We don’t know which is true,so it is necessarily to take some operation to clarify a problem.Issue always comes from the problem clarification.

Step1:First of all,we need to find a test problem during SIT .

Step2:Considerate which view should be related to the problem closely.

Step3:At the perspective of the most related view,you can change the condition one by one ,until you can find the root cause of  the problem.

Step4:Aonsiderate whether the root cause is related to the system or not.If yes, it is a issue.

Step5:Verify whether it can be reproduced at the same batch products. If yes,record the reproduce step . If no,need to remark  it a single issue ,means that this issue can not be found at the same batch products.And then key issue in the Bug Tracking System(BTS) and let the R&D engineer debug it.

Step6:When R&D engineer debug it and give some solutions about this issue,we need to test the solution whether it is useful and effective.If yes,we need to update the verification result to R&D engineer ,so that the product can be upgraded with the better solutions.