[Ubuntu]Samba service —share the file between the window OS and Ubuntu OS


Samba service

In the PC with window OS,
create a user account (tester)
create and share a folder (name:share_folder)to this user .Enable writeable & readable right.
Please check the IPv4 address (

In the PC with Ubuntu OS, create a folder and enable its write/read/execute right
sudo mkdir /samba_share
sudo chmod 777 /samba_share/ -R

In the PC with Ubuntu OS,open terminal and install the package cifs-utils .
sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

Connect to the window share_folder , need the tester account and password
sudo mount -t cifs //Srv_IP/shared_folder /Ubuntu_share_folder
for example:
sudo mount -t cifs // samba_share/ -o user=tester